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La Gondola


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Hi all,

Long time ghost on here, first time post.

Am looking to buy a new La Pav - Europiccola preferably - as a gift for a friend.  Looking around the normal UK shops, places I have used before like The Espresso Shop are out of stock and others I haven't used before like Caffe Italia seem to get mixed / bad reviews on here.

Found La Gondola - Italian shop that seems to ship worldwide - that has it in stock and at a significantly reduced price (£447.95 v £564 at The Espresso Shop for the chrome version). It seems to get good reviews on Trustpilot and you can pay by Paypal which helps.  Can't find any reviews on here though, aside from some posts back in 2013 which suggested it was ok.

Does anyone have any recent experience with these guys?  Am less concerned about warranty and seemingly they can ship with UK plugs on (although I'd want to check it before I gifted it!).


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