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Grinder recommendations

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Hi all,

I am hoping to get some advice from the many experienced members of this community.

I have a Gaggia Classic with PID and OPV mod and VST basket in bottomless portafilter but feel like my Iberital MC2 grinder is not super consistent with its partial size.

I was thinking of getting the Eureka Mignon Specialita but now thinking Niche Zero might be better?

I make 2 espressos a day and v60 but currently using an upgraded baratza virtuoso for that. I am already single dosing and would assume this is the best way for 2 shots a day.

Would be awesome to just have one grinder for all brews but not sure the Zero would be up to that.

Have I missed a good option?

What would you buy?

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The Niche will likely suit your needs better of those two. I have plenty of experience of a few of the Mignon models but not of the Niche first hand. 

The Mignons don’t single dose very well and are not so good for brew methods that require courser grind size in my opinion but they are a superb on demand espresso grinder so long as, in my experience, the hopper is filled at least to the underside of the finger guard which on my model is ~80-100g depending on the beans.

You’re not making loads of coffee each day so quite likely you’re on the right track already by single dosing. 

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ECM Synchronika | Eureka Mignon | VST

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I use the Niche for Espresso on Gaggia and La Pav, they require different grind sizes, also my Chemex, and Aeropress which are much coarser.   I find switching between grind sizes on the Niche really easy.

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Gear:   Gaggia Classic, La Pavoni Europiccola, Niche zero.

At work:  Aeropress, Porlex mini.

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The Niche is definitely up to it. 

I switch between espresso and filter all the time and it's always great. Usually a one cup filter in the December first thing, then a mid-morning flat white, big chemex for me and my partner around lunch, espresso early afternoon, filter again sometime in the afternoon. Sometimes an afternoon flat white for my partner too. 

So constantly switching between espresso and filter grind settings. 

Never misses a beat. Perfect home grinder for someone who does both espresso and filter. 

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Lelit MaraX, Niche Zero, MBK Feldgrind, Gene Cafe 101, several brewers... 

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Posted (edited)

Thanks all.

Really great to hear all your experiences.

I'll join the Niche queue and patiently wait :)

Edited by timb

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