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Bowers & Wilkins CDM-7NT, Black Ash

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Recently upgraded so these aren't currently required. I had planned to keep these for a while until I was sure, with a plan to move house they may have a home once again in the future, but on the other hand that means storing them in the meantime, and moving them.

So I thought I may as well list, but it would be also fair to say this isn't a highly motivated sale for someone looking to make a low-ball offer.

In fantastic condition, better than I thought. When taking photos I looked for what I expected to be a number of nicks and chip but they're not really there. Some colour is rubbed off the bottoms, but none of the wear is visible from the sides (i.e. it hasn't crept around the corner). There's one minuscule dent on one of the edges, and another area where there's not so much a dent, but a slight impression from something. The bonus of B&W black ash is that a sharpie goes a long way to cover any sins that may arise in future, my 1NT rears had a few knocks in their previous life and will attest to this (which I think is why I expected to find more knocks with these)

Drive units are obviously minty - the LF drivers on each were replaced a couple years ago with new-old-stock original B&W drivers (ZZ12199) at a butt-clenchingly high cost, as the cone on one of them started to go bad. As these were a pain to source (from the US), I kept the search open for another one just in case one ever got damaged and 6 months later managed to get another which I'll include for £50 extra which is well under half of what you can find them for, if you can find them. The midrange and tweeters seem to be widely available to this day, just that bass that's really tough to find.

Original boxes, foam inserts, felt pads and bags, spikes and two foam port plugs. Original bridge jumpers have been replaced with strips of solid silver.




The small dent on one of the edges...
And the impression I described...

Collection only from Nottingham area, social distancing rules etc.

£550 for the speakers alone, £600 with spare drive unit.

For anyone looking to upgrade a surround setup, I'll also have a CDM-CNT up for sale as soon as I find a suitable replacement - this could be days or months though. On the crazy-remote chance someone is or knows someone else that fancies parting with a black HTM3S, let me know!


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