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Trouble ‘dialing in’ Rocket R NINE ONE & Eureka Atom ‘Speciality 75’

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I have had a Rancilio Rocky & Silvia for about 13 years and was pretty good at making espresso and cappuccino. We upgraded both a week ago but I am finding it the transition to my new R NINE ONE and Atom Eureka difficult. It’s a big step up!

It has a very big portafilter and the manual suggests filling it so that when tamped it is up to the line inside. I have obviously read extensively here and online that 18g is a good starting point for filling it’s hopper and I think it would be a good 25g or more to fill that hopper unless ground very coarse. If I do fill it so that it is up to the line once ground it simply doesn’t push water through the puck (even after about 30 seconds).

Through trial and error and a lot of reading/watching videos I am at a point where we I think we get good espresso (certainly as good as the Rocky/Silvia). I am using approx. 18g of Monmouth Coffee (sometimes their Alemayehu Daniel Miju beans and sometimes their Decaffeinated Shakisso, never more than a couple of weeks old) ground to what I think is fairly fine (setting 4.5 on the Atom). At this setting it only takes 3.85 seconds of grinding to get 18g (which is way below the 8 second default on the Atom for a double shot so I suspect I need to go finer but not sure). The espresso starts to come out after about 6 seconds and I usually stop at around 30 seconds and I get between about 40ml and 60ml depending. There seems to be a reasonable craema on top with the caffeinated, less so with the decaf.   

Although the espresso tastes pretty good I’m not sure we are getting enough espresso out as I’m generally using one run from the double head to make each cappuccino. Maybe I it’s just because I prefer a double shot but I don’t think this can be right because everything is so much bigger and stronger than the Rancilio, I think I should be getting more than enough to make espresso shots for two cappucinos at once.

Also, the puck is very, very wet (I have attached a picture but that picture is actually one of the drier occasions). It is totally soaked and goes everywhere when I nock it out plus there is a good 5mm or more of water sitting on top of the puck (again picture attached but it’s a low example, usually there is a lot of water) when I remove it from the head. This doesn’t seem right but I can’t figure how to fix it without starting everything again from scratch.

I can’t decide if I am just doing something very wrong, I was recommended by the retailer that I need to grind finer (so then I will get more ground coffee out into the portafilter) but then the machine is really struggling to push the water through coffee. I actually tried using the Rancilio grinder again but that definitely tastes much more bitter so I’m definitely a step up.

I am also really struggling to make good milk now. I am definitely getting better every day but it seems so much faster than the Rancilio that it’s hard to stretch the milk before it’s boiling hot. I get large bubbles whereas with the Rancilio I used to get a fantastic micro-foam. 

Any help appreciated.



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4 hours ago, Rob1 said:

Need to know profiles you're using for your shot times to mean anything.

Don't focus on the appearance of the puck for now.



thanks, what sort of additional info do you need?

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@Snoek - i bet you are using a larger basket (Triple Basket)...


Try this once: put coffee into the basket, say, 18g. Tamp as normal. Stick a 10p coin on top of the tamped puck. Lock the PF into the group. Remove it. Take the coin out. Is there any indentation? If not, it’s not enough coffee. If yes, too much. Repeat until there’s a slight indentation, and that’s your dose. Measure it.


Once you are happy, considering investing in a VST 18g, so you know how much you should use as the dose.

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yes, it is definitely a large basket. I just went back to basics and tried again with a much coarser grind (otherwise the water cannot push through) and about 24g of coffee and I’m getting good results (very sweet espresso) with about 40 to 50g of espresso put in about 30 seconds.

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After a run of upgraditus myself to a Mignon Silencio I was still getting inconsistent shots via my Oscar 2 (9 bar OPV)despite having very consistent distribution and tamping.

I just upgraded to an 18g VST basket and every shot now has been perfect and very consistent.  I wish I had upgraded sooner!  It makes-it soooo much easier to dial in shots and with far less waste than before where I would have to run multiple shots at a given grind to make sure.  It’s also resulted in drier pucks which is nice from a cleaning perspective.



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