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Specialita screen crashed


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Morning, went to make my espresso this morning and the up button on the double didn't work and had set itself to the wrong time but on the single it worked fine. 
How can I fix? 
I've turned off and on 

Is it working as intended now? Have you phoned the retailer if it’s still a problem?

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On 11/06/2020 at 17:08, spasypaddy said:

It is not working as intended. 

I will call the retailer tomorrow 

Out of interest, how old is your unit? I'm considering getting one, but this is a bit of a concern. Even if the motor etc. are all solid, something with a digital touchscreen is definitely going to have a limited lifespan.

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On 15/06/2020 at 15:00, spasypaddy said:

indeed. story of my life that 

If it makes you feel better i had a similar issue with the LCD screen on my Specialita after a few weeks. Been repaired and returned back to me.

Lovely grinder for the money, hopefully we've just been unlucky!

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Just read the instructions re locking. 

it was locked.   All done. 

it isn’t that clear as it says press “+ - “ to unlock but when it is locked they do not show on the display.  

thank you.  

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Power on/off a few times (minimum 30 seconds or so) set the clock etc. etc. and also try re-locking and unlocking a few times....failing that you may just have to return it to the reatailer for a Warranty Return.

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I've got the same symptoms as OP on my Mignon. Double shows a time under 10s, and can only be set shorter, not longer. Plus does nothing. Interestingly, when I start the actual grinding, the counter shows whatever time is actually set — which is not what was on the display prior to pushing start. So, it's still usable, barely. 

No problems with single mode. 

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I contacted the retailer I bought my grinder from, and they instructed me to buy a new screen from them. I'm a bit hesitant to do so, as I'm not convinced the screen's the culprit. All segments light up and every spot that's supposed to react to touch does that. I shot a video of the grinder misbehaving and I'm trying to get the manufacturer to have a look to get a second opinion.

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