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My bike history started with a Lambretta Golden Special then/and Vespa PX200, another Vespa PX200... And another Vespa PX200


Now on a Triumph Tiger 800xrt (fast, comfortable, efficient - but never as cool as my old Lambretta)



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I had a Guinea Pig in the late 80's just as the DL196 came out. Due to dodgy wiring I never had it on the road. Bought it for £60, sold it to a lad I worked with for £130 and bought it back for £80 after he'd had it fixed. Gave it away to my then gf's brother, who spent a fair bit fixing it up. Looks like it was last on the road in '99 as the trail ends there on the dvla website.


This was my late father helping me fix it up. It had a reboar and new shocks etc.

I've got this though (..don't laugh.)


1976 Honda PC50. A proper moped with pedals. You can peddle it like a push bike (and its how it's started).

I never went for my bike test. I did the DL196 or CBT as its called now. I could've done the intensive course and the lad doing it said I'd pass easy. Sometimes wonder about doing it but it'd be lost on me now as I prefer the comfort of my car. The moped is a sentimental keepsake to remember my dad, along with his old Ford Anglia that I also have.

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Input: 'Terranovered’ Versalab M3  + Niche

Output: Slayer One Group + La Pavoni + V60 + AeroPress + Syphon + Bialetti Induction Moka Pot + Bialetti Mucka Express + jar of instant for visitors..



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My grandad nearly bought a Brough Superior SS100 with sidecar. Went to see it, ummed and arred... Went home.. Went back and hour later when he'd decided to buy it and it'd gone. Pillock..
Buying an ss100 before the madness of their pricing happened would have been like winning the lottery now. Mega money, which unfortunately means we are seeing less and less at the club rallies each year.

My grandad bought this 1150 in the late 70s from the club founder titch Allen. It was a combination, and the only reason he bought it was that he went to titch to buy a Morgan 3 wheeler, but titch sold it just before he arrived! My grandad being the man he was, couldn't bare coming away with nothing.

In 1999, he tried to sell it at bonhams (having never actually ridden the bike a single time, unbelievably) , it didn't reach its reserve of £2k, so my dad took it on. 20 years of gradual work to it and it's looking a world apart from the 'harley Davidsonised' (how my dad puts it) bike we got.

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Vespa PK50

Vespa 150 Super

K GPz500s



Y FZS1000 (Gen1)

Y FZS1000 (Gen1) again!

T Street Triple 675R mk1


Did all the mod rallies etc on the 150 Super in late 80s.

Got full licence mid 90s, GPz was first proper bike but was a bit of a nail. Bought FZR600R 'Foxeye' and put 70,000 on it with trips round Europe from Denmark to Czech, plus weekend fun and daily commute. Finally realised a sports bike wasn't thr best choice for my actual use case, so bought the big Fazer and did more of the same for another 30,000 miles, decided to buy another low mileage one before they disappeared when the Gen2 (FZ1) came out. Did the same thing with that, but then I stopped having time to go touring etc and ended up with my sweet little 'Stripler' which I was just about to go out on when I saw this thread! As you were! Shiny side up...


I've probably done about 200,000 miles across all the bikes I've had, based on odo readings at purchase and sale.


Pic is of my and my mate's Street Triple Rs on a blast to Wales. Mine is the matt graphite version. 1ad8ec84299c17fa23c351d6c0d41753.jpg



This is my old FZR600R at Snetterton.




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@hotmetal - I bet the Vespa was still the most fun!

Well, yeah it may well have been the period in my life that I had the most fun, for sure! It was also fun trying to stop from 60mph on 1970s cable-operated drum brakes compromised by a leaky oil seal!!


Gutted that I don't have any pics of the 150 Super. That was in the days before mobile phones and digital cameras, so there's probably pics of it in some photocopied modzine somewhere or maybe one of the lads took a pic on their Instamatic 110 and has a faded print of it in an old photo album in the loft...


I do miss my scoots, if I had more time, money and storage space I would love to get an SS180 or GS160. I saw this at Box Hill recently, immaculate!@Daren 1e97646ea42286b6fbc56bab52b7bb8e.jpge2c68dc8a8fe862f10c35f39e519bdab.jpg



Eat, drink and be merry




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