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Impressed with 3d printed mods to the Eureka Mignon


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Wow big diff between £7.30 and £20...! Would be interesting to (visually) compare the quality of the two.....

@Jfitzky / @hubcap for reference which supplier did you use?

@gingemonster would be good to know if you are getting much grinds on the tray with the funnel in action to know if i need to order both from you ;)  



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36 minutes ago, Jfitzky said:

Finally arrived from my ebay seller arkhon-3d. (in fairness I'm in Ireland and this whole covid sh#t has slowed everything down) 


Very happy with it for 7.30 pound. 




yes I can see no difference in quality between this and @hubcap but then his did arrive a while back

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6 minutes ago, Jfitzky said:

I ordered a funnel for my Portafilter just cause I found the design online and it was cheap. 😅

Think I need to get off the forum and just enjoy the coffee now. 

Totally agree sometimes its good just to take a step back and appreciate where you are at a given moment in time!

I also find it helps to (very slightly) slow down the ol' upgraditus ;) 

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