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Impressed with 3d printed mods to the Eureka Mignon


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Received my Eureka Facile today and of course immediately covered the work surface with grounds and saw the wife scowling at me out from the living room. Having a 3d printer I thought it worth checking if others have been busy on a solution and I came across this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3053292. 3 hours later and its a nice fit:



There are a few other mods on there I might try especially the portafilter funnels, always nice to combine hobbies 😉

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better photo
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On 23/05/2020 at 10:02, hubcap said:


I see in your future somepocket money ;)

If you decide to make a few more I would be interested in buying one from you.

I've downloaded the file and ordered one from a printer based in the UK

will keep you posted on how it turns out.

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29 minutes ago, gingemonster said:

Out of interest what is it costing you to get printed?

Obviously not sure of the quality until it arrives but it cost £24.00 inc postage.

3 day wait so I'll post when it arrives.

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I'm in two minds to offer to sell and print these or not. I would recommend those ordering them elsewhere get it printed in PETG material as this is food safe and "apparently" dishwasher safe (but I wouldn't test that personally). I did contact and admin to check what was allowed in terms of selling but got no response. If enough of you who haven't already sourced your own want any of the three prints I have shown in the photos done (tray, funnel or tamp holder) I might run a few off so let me know by PMing me as I will have to order in the PETG (they will all be printed black).

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