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In-line water filter reccomendations

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Hello all.


I currently use a plumbed-in Rocket R58 and pull around 6 shots a day, so fairly light use. I've been using a Everpure OCS2 in-line filter to protect the machine from scale build up. The choice of in-line filter was down to what was reccomended in the Rocket manual.


A lot of people seem to be using BWT Bestmax and Bestmax Premium filters. I was wondering what others on this forum are using as an in-line filter and what the consensus is on which is best.


The Bestmax premium seems to do some Mg exchange which apparently improves flavour. However it looks like the filter needs to be flushed every day before use. This seems a Hassel and would not be practice given my machine is on a timer and usually autofills when it switches on.


Any advice and comments would be appreciated.


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Hi @axpetts

if you are happy with the taste of the coffee in the cup then your bigger issue comes down to having to factor in a change of head from your current one which will add anywhere from £50-90 to the cost of the filter.

I have had Brita 600 purity quell, then BWT Bestmax premium (2xl, beast) then, because of the flushing issue, a BWT Bestmax (now on 2nd V, changed annually). There was a difference in taste between the Brita 600 and Bestmax premium but almost negligible from premium to std.Bestmax.

If recall correctly the water feeding the coffee machines at 2 last Coffee forum days at Rave were from @coffeechap own Everpure setup ( T pieces and valves to feed multiple machines) which was definitely in the "tasty" category. Quick google found one of yours on a company site called Aquacare for £59.03 inc vat which is not a bad price.

All plumbed in filters feeding a home machine benefit from having some of the over processed water within the filter drawn off pre use so if not already doing this, might be worth a test to see if this improves any deficiencies you may feel are there pre changing filter brands (assuming you are not due a change anyway based on time) and then maybe just fit a tap inline to draw some off (make tea with...water plants etc) or see if the Everpure head has the facility to fit a small pipe to draw off, dependant on location  / pain the proverbial etc. We keep water flowing through ours by drawing water off between the filter and the L2 using a water drinking tap (John Guest to the recue) which we use for drinking / kettle etc.

Hope of help 


EDIT: p.s. you could always fill the kettle late at night with the filtered water if you doing the majority of your espresso based first thing in the morning thus reducing the standing time to less than 12 hours which would then not need flushing pre use (if your current process works though and you stay with your Everpure / happy with taste, please feel free to ignore the above :) )

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Thanks that's all good info.

The coffee I'm making tastes good to me but I am wondering could it be better? I hadn't considered water composition before and was primarily worrying about keeping my machine healthy. Having dived down the water rabbit hole it seems that there is much in common with beer brewing! I was a homebrewer some years ago and had my local water analysed for that. Bicarb was 57.9, calcium 21.1 and magnesium 3.3. I think this is pretty good for espresso already, based on the limited info I have read. I think I will test my water after the OCS2 filter with a home test kit to see what effect it is having on my tap water. If it's within the guidance I'll stick if not I may consider a different filter (or none at all if my tap water is within spec on its own)

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