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Whether this is purely down to the beans I'm working my way through at the moment or it's something I'm missing when grinding, tamping, etc, I don't know. 

      I have a restored Rancilio Z11 Lever, coupled with a San Marco SM90 grinder, this would be used in the shop but at the moment, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it's set up at home. Every grind, every shot has been spot on, no matter what beans/roasts/blends were run through. Last week I bought in some small batches of rather nice/rather expensive beans (Cuban, Nicaraguan Java and Colombian) from a local roaster, I ran these through the San Marco on the usual fine grind, 10g in the portafilter (as usual) for 38-40ml shot...Usually the extraction rate is always 25-30 seconds, with an excellent surge, 5-6mm crema on finish, and (depending on the beans) a good, full bodied espresso... Not with these beans, 10 seconds...15 if your lucky, half decent shot (albeit a little weak), not bad crema, but just not perfect. I've dialled the grinder up (as fine as she would go) and down but still not getting the desired results. I've been at this game for 20+ years but I need some help from someone in the know. I'm thinking beans. 

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