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Very old Quickmill 0825 parts /Quickmill retro

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Hi all,

I am selling a Quickmill body for parts. I am not really interested in money, just looking for someone who needs either replacement parts or wants to do a project. I am the proud owner of a very old quickmill 0825 (mine is labelled menatec, but it is exactly the same model). These are now sold as Quickmill retro, except the 0825 has dials at the front for the amount of coffee the grinder produces and pump pressure. I bought mine ca 1995 in a junk store in Switzerland for 20 GBP and have used it daily since then (I moved to London meanwhile, hence why I post here). I suppose it was built in the 1980s but not sure about this. I had it serviced/repaired it by Ferrari Espresso in 2012 with a new heating element fitted and everything done up. cost 300 GBP. I still have the emails. Now the steam body valve broke, and there are no more replacement parts for these (the new steam body valve that fits the Quickmill retro has different dimensions, different threads so there is no way to make it fit, without also changing the threads and length of the pipes leading to the body valve). The steam body valve is now gone with Ferrari. Also, the grinder is stuck on one grind setting. Other than that, grinder, pump and heating works fine and has been in use daily. Bean hopper is intact, chassis is intact with one little dent. I can provide photos if needed.

I am happy to give away individual parts if you need anything, such as bean hopper, or drip tray or whatever, but ideally would like to give the machine to someone who can use the whole thing.

 If you are interested in the whole machine, I would say 10GBP with coronavirus safe Pickup in London N1 or 30GBP plus postage for sending (simply because it will be hassle to pack everything).

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I am near Angel/Essex road.

you can see photos here:



The colour is slightly darker, more mustardy.

note that the dirt on the body is just old tape that I never bothered to remove, but should be easy to do. The slit that you can see on the left side of the body is where a lever used to be. If you pulled the lever down, it would wipe off the coffee coming out the of the mill. It was damaged once  during transport, but it is not needed at all. You could also make one from a different material and attach it to the mechanism, which is still fully functional. On the top view you can see the open tubes to the right, this is where the broken steam  body valve sat. you can see on one image the remaining screws that I still have.


also here some quotes from what the repair did in 2012:

> >>>>             Regarding your coffee machine.
> >>>>             The main fault is the heating element / boiler unit. i
> >>>>             have tried different lower temperature thermostats to
> >>>>             get the element/boiler to work but as its tripping the
> >>>>             electrics due to earth bonding and insulation faults.
> >>>>             To replace/upgrade this boiler and the switch and
> >>>>             waterpump
> >>>>            
later email:
On 06.11.12 13:19, info wrote:
> > Hi
> > Sorry for delays
> > Ok , i have done the best i can on your coffee machine.
> > _*Positives,*_
> >  I have rebuit the element/boiler with new parts. The boiler/element > > Quickmill i purchased from Quickmill will not fit inside chassis .I > > had to rewire and fit low temperature stats to allow old element / > > boiler to work correctly. I have got the boiler producing water > > through brew group correctly . Also the new power swich and new > > waterpump are workng very well and quickmill is making espresso very > > good.
> > _*Negatives*_
> > Because i have had the resort using the old boiler the steam lance > is > not producing steam as it should .
> > I have had a look at the grinder but the grind adjustment collar has > > seized and requires a new upper dosing collar ( part not available) > > but grinder is working.
> > So i have repaired and replacd the following
> > Boiler/element
> > New inline safety switch
> > 2 new 95 c tempe stats
> > 1 new power switch
> > 1 new waterpump and silicone pipe and membrane
> > 1 new red neon lamp
> > 1 new shower inox and filter hoder seal
> > Parts total £186.39

I hope this is helpful enough.



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@Mepl we are having to get on with some jobs at home and I too will have to pass. We don't have room to store it for a later day.

Good luck with finding someone with the time and storage space to give your machine a home.

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