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New precision basket leaking around portafilter?

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I just got a new IMS 18g nanotech precision basket for my Gaggia Classic but have had lots of leaking around the portafilter. Inital thoughts were to replace the gasket, but this leak only happens when the portafilter has coffee in it. With an empty or blind basket, there is no leak occuring.

I've tried reducing the dose down to 17g from 18g which helped the amount of water coming through but still getting a bit of water leaking out. I've also made sure that no grounds were caught in the seal. The puck at the end looks quite wet and soggy as well.

What could be the problem? Am i still overdosing? should I have gotten a bigger basket if I actually want 18g in?

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What size basket did you get? Gaggia portafilters use the IMS B68 which is slightly smaller on the lip compared to the B70 I believe, I know the basket I had for my Gaggia is slightly too small for my Oscar portafilter and had to order the larger size 

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18 minutes ago, B33FSQU4TCH said:

The basket I ordered has D24661NT stamped on the side which looks like it is the 70mm size and not the 68mm which the classic takes.

Could potentially be the issue if the lip is hanging over the portafilter itself and there's not a proper seal being made. But I'm sure someone a bit more knowledgeable can confirm.

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