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What did you last make? - pics required :)

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@Skizz & @El carajillo - Managed to use my new 1/4” router safely, it makes trimming things to an exact size so easy!

First project is a set of shelves for my study, body needs painting and backing board putting on.  Might have gone OTT a bit with the bracing 😂 I wanted to make sure it was strong enough to store my Mara or EK43S on if needed, as there isn’t enough room in the kitchen to have them and the La Pav/Niche out at the same time.




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Sewing face masks here 😷 50 and counting 😷

Just found a nice stash of this... Also.. the last thing I made Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Finally finished our hallway

Posted Images

Londinium wall frame(s) similar to six that I made, and gifted,  4 years ago. I believe some are still gracing the coffee corners of @coffeechap and @Thecatlinux and @working dog to name but three.






I'm hoping to raise much needed funds for Zoë's Place Baby Hospice by placing in their upcoming Charity Art Auction which starts tomorrow.

If any one is interested in bidding then by all means let me know and I will post a link.

*There could be added bonus items for successful CFUK bidder(s) !!






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@jymbob - Got to get your moneys worth! [emoji6]
I'm constantly jealous of people with routers, table saws, nail guns etc. I spent far too much of today trying to get a drill bit through a 2mm hardened steel bar, and now I need at new 4mm drill bit.
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So technically this is what I made today, but actually what I did was make my 8 year old daughter happy by helping her with her DIY soap kit. Call it a win


Also 80% of a shelf from reclaimed parts to go above the coffee machine, but I'm out of social drilling hours now, so it'll go up later that n the week when I get a spare 30 minutes https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20201115/db425cef3fb004c58f2be0d9eab01851.jpg







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@jymbob - I know what you mean. I kept on watching American DIY videos, where the headlines were “amazing reclaimed board table/epoxy stump bowl/cabinets made at home!!!!” type content on YouTube. Where the maker just happened to have a fully electric industrial grade wood shop in their garage...

I’m very lucky to have a 8’x10’ shed with a proper bench etc. to use as a workshop, best thing I made was a 1/2 sheet of ply into a saw horse worktop table that can be put up outside for bigger jobs. The metal saw horses fold up neatly into themselves so no too bad space wise.

Any chance you would have room for a small <£100 cheap drill press tucked away somewhere? I bought one of these for some tough jobs earlier this year and it worked surprisingly well even with 40mm Forstner bits.



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Serrano Tabasco. Found an old matchbox seed give away from wahaca restaurant near waterloo, prob from around 2015. Gave them a whirl and got a massive Serrano chilli plant from the seeds.

About 5 ounces of red and green chillies (small selection pic below), so thought I would harvest them and make a Tabasco.  Thought it would last a while. But I have been putting it on nearly ever meal e.g. Huevos rancheros, roast dinners or just popping a teaspoon in for a buzz or a kick.

Must get a nicer looking bottle for the next batch. Also going to be trying out some Habernero's next.






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Ker-shelf! (The sound Batman makes doing DIY)

Metal bracket is from an old bed frame, as is the plank of wood. Bit of beeswax, a bit of oil and a few screws = a bit more storage for odds and ends, and a happier wife in the process.


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Made myself a mute/unmute button inside an emergency stop button. Hit it once to mute your microphone, and again to unmute.

Has a little esp32 arduino board inside that I had kicking around, and appears to my computer as a bluetooth keyboard. Pressing it just fires off the google meet mute shortcut. As it uses bluetooth it doesn't need to be plugged in if I can figure out a battery.

Makes sitting on hours of calls slightly more amusing!



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22 hours ago, jymbob said:

Ker-shelf! (The sound Batman makes doing DIY)

Metal bracket is from an old bed frame, as is the plank of wood. Bit of beeswax, a bit of oil and a few screws = a bit more storage for odds and ends, and a happier wife in the process.


Thought I'd try this again, given Tapatalk hates me.

Coffee area has moved from the corner to the space where the old boiler was until a couple of weeks ago, hence slap-dash paint on the wall behind.

Kitchen remains a work in progress

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Couldn't bring myself to fork out for the OEM running boards and deck for our cargo bike and had some 12mm baltic birch ply kicking around so got busy with the routers, including a Katsu for the round-overs @Northern_Monkey 😁. Stop-blocks galore for the slots and copied the second running boards from the first with a guided flush cutter. Three coats of yacht varnish for weather-proofing.




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On 12/04/2020 at 18:47, Soll said:

How about now?Screenshot_2020-04-12-18-40-26-683_cn.wps.xiaomi.abroad.lite.jpg

Sent from my POCOPHONE F1 using Tapatalk

Just want to say a big thank you for posting this recipe. I made some yesterday and presented one to my wife with a latte and she was blown away by how good they were. I only had 200g of almonds so the dough was a bit softer than I expect it should be and they came out slightly soft and chewy but I prefer them like that to the really crispy ones you traditionally get. Absolutely delicious.



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Couple of other lockdown projects. At the very start of lockdown earlier in the year, we picked up some new hens. The old girls we already had refused to let them in the chicken house so I had to build a new one using only what I had in and around the barn as all the builders merchants and diy places were shut. It took a week or so of scavenging and cutting up various pallets and old wood that was stacked up here and there, and I was fortunate to have a couple of panels of stock board (recycled plastic panels) at the back of the barn but with all the bits together, I built this. It's not pretty but the new girls love it. 


This lockdown I've done something similar to create some new compost heaps with a roof to stop the rain washing the goodness out. Again, not pretty but does the job.


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