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Amateur Barista Championships


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Consumers of speciality coffee are taking an ever greater interest in the quality and provenance of the coffee drinks they’re being asked to pay ever increasing amounts for…


More and more consumers are trying to replicate the coffee shop experience at home…


Whilst world class espresso expressionists are popping up all over the country, we are seeing the same trend blossoming at home, and the SCAE UK competitions committee wants to celebrate this trend by introducing and launching the first UK Amateur Barista Championships in the latter part of 2012!


Having recognised this growing trend and seeing that some European countries successfully run similar competitions, Marc, Glenn, and the SCAE UK working party, have laid the plans for this event. The founders of the Danish Home Barista competition, Søren and Mads-Ole jumped at the chance to get on board as advisors and ambassadors, having run a successful competition in Denmark for the past 3 years.


This event will be open to any person with an interest in coffee who is not professionally employed in the industry.


So, coffee aficionados who love to make coffee at home – this is the competition for you!


Details of the format, rules and regulations will be posted on various channels over the coming weeks, so keep checking our media and register your interest in competing, helping to organise, or volunteering through the email address [email protected] or online forum dedicated to this event (hosted by Coffee Forums UK). Registration on the site is free.


Here’s a taster of what you can expect:

  • The home barista rocks up with his or her machine and grinder (or can use a 1 group home machine and small grinder provided by the host/sponsor)
  • Using their favourite coffee they produce a series of drinks which are judged by working baristas – not judges!


This will not be your ‘average barista competition’ !


The official hashtag for this event will be #ukabc

Follow the UK Coffee Events Twitter account @ukcoffeeevents for updates

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Wow! What an amazing thing for ordinary home baristas. No more worrying if you're good enough to enter. It's practically made for the sort of guys and girls who come to this forum! I hope some of you go for it. I know the ukbc has been a fantastic experience for me so far, so I'm sure the ukabc will be just as rewarding for you.

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Thanks for the interest. Once the UK Barista Championships has finished (it'll be all over this time next week) we will be able to release some more information.


Loads of exciting things happening behind the scenes.

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