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royalcoffeeshop.com "Scam Warning"


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Dear forum "Scam Warning"

I but Acaia scale at royalcoffeeshop.com to good price, the shop is located in taxfree Singapore after what they say ?  

I ordre 15 November 2019 shipping to tax free Hong Kong, promised delivery date 14 December, 

first they gave me wrong tracking number and correct it the day after (ok) here I can see another customers order from Israel also not deliver ? 

Tracking Number : IDRO45KYS0UHMXWG
Estimates Goods Received Date 12 December 2019
Shipping company information :
PT Nusantara International  http://www.nusain.com 

I contacted royalcoffeeshop 21December ask for delay? 

they reply same day

Dear Sir,
We apologize for the late delivery. After we checked, it turns out there
is a slight problem in your country's customs clearance. But you do not
need to worry, we have instructed all licensing arrangements to the
shipping company.
This causes delays in shipping within a few days. We will catch time so
that the goods arrive at your address quickly and you don't need to pay
anything else.
This is truly beyond our expectations. Once again we apologize deeply
for this delay.
We will keep you informed about the item status as soon as possible.
Thank you and we beg to be patient for a few more days.
Kind regards

I patient waited :popcorn: and ask politely  
Today we have the 18 Januar 2020, and I have been patient since your last mail 22 December 2019!
I still haven't received my packet or any news?

But now no reply and answer ???

So lucky and only reason I trusted this seller is I pay by PayPal ?

20 January 2020 I write complain to paypal, att alle doc, gave seller 8 days to respond and give my the refound, but nothing happent,
now I scale the case to paypal, seller have now 10 days or something to respond paypal, also here seller dit not answer,
so Paypal gave me the full refond ???

Happy for paypal, if i pay by normal credit card and need go to my bank for complaint, its will not have been that easy cause overseas transaction

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I have placed an order, waiting for the Bank transfer information. I have send many times emails but they do not respond. 

Latest info from them:
Dear Sir,
Our Staff will contact you regarding the bank transfer information to complete the payment.
Kind Regards

Not very trustfull. 

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29 minutes ago, Ralph H. said:

I have placed an order, waiting for the Bank transfer information. I have send many times emails but they do not respond. 

STOP! Do not do that. Scrap the order, do not bank transfer any money!

Sage Barista Express, Mazzer Royal w/ DW Kit.

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