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Alex Duetto 3 not turning on

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Suddenly my alex duetto 3 is failing to turn on.

When I turn on the power, it seems that the machine tries to suck the water into the boiler but as you can see in the video, it is not able to. The PID won't turn on either.


In the past I had to change the boiler temp sensor and the reservoir water level sensor when the machine was not turning on.

Any idea what is going on here?


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It seems to me that the control board is requesting water, presumably to the service boiler but it is unable to fulfil the request. As it’s not completing this step, it may be that the PID display is not turning on.

Looking at the hose, it seems to me you have an airlock in the circuit, and the pump is unable to go past it.

That’s my guess.

You can try filling up he circuit and try to get it primed again. Maybe try to fill up the hose manually and turn the machine on? Also maybe try to lift the lever up to assist with any dispersion of air?

If you google up, there are a few suggestions on how to resolve this if it’s an airlock. Just google “priming espresso machine” or “air lock espresso machine”.

You can try gently assisting the air gap to move forwards by blowing air into it, but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea or not.

Have you opened the machine to inspect for any leaks or disconnections inside?

Good luck.

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Does it have a moving float in the water tank ? If so check that it is 'floating'.    On my Verona the float very occasionally sinks for no apparent reason giving similar result.

 lift the float with a piece of wire and all is OK :confused::confused:.   As MRS said check for airlock /kinked pipe. Are you in a hard water area ?

Possibly a solenoid stuck ?  

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The pump is not developing any pressure. The filter prior to the solenoid valve could be blocked. 

Remove the level sensor and fill the steam boiler through this  opening. Replace sensor.  The controller should then work ok and you can prime the pump by lifting the group lever. 

draw some hot water from the steam boiler until it starts to refill. If the pump pressure rises to much beyond 2 or 3 bar then the filter is blocked.  


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11 hours ago, Jnl82 said:

Any idea what is going on here?

There is only one thing to do first....remove the top and case of the machine. Have a look inside and post clear photos,  of the top and each side.


It would also be super handy if you would give us some idea of your location?

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