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La Peppina

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Last charitable act! I have a La Peppina small lever machine. This is a 1979 version 3.2, rare 1100 watt model with steam arm. It is with reluctance that I am parting with it. This has the steam arm although in truth, it should not. it process a small shot of espresso and milk should be allowed no where near it! These also are sprung levers, unlike La Pavonis. It has a few little idiosyncrasies, but what vintage machine does not? If you remove the steam arm, most of them go! The bolt that screws into the steam tube is bent, but with care, you can still tighten it up in order to steam. The top of the tube that that bolt goes into has the slightest crease in it, meaning the more you screw it in, the worse it will get. But, take it off, you do not need it! I have replaced the original cable with a UK version, but still have the original. The water pot is in very good condition. The chrome is nice and shiny with the odd bleb here and there. These come with no drip tray, just a cover which is missing though I have seen them for sale if it makes a difference. It comes with a single and a double basket. The pf is odd. You put it in place but then need to press it upwards into the group before it locks. I cannot see anything obviously wrong. No machining errors or bent bits or anything like that. If without water in, you turn the machine over you will easily see how it fits in.

This is an open boiler machine. Stick some water in along with a temp probe and let it heat up (it is really quick). It happily boils away! Pull some water through though the group also heats quickly. Grind, prepare the shot, put the pf in and turn the machine off. Pull the shot at 96 on the thermometer as it will already be cooler at the group, then experiment  as it may need adjusting to suit your personal taste. Drop the lever, hold for a 5 or 6 seconds, then release. Not trying to teach anyone how to suck eggs here but you need to play and find your own happy medium.

I want £150 for her. No offer. Quite happy to post at your expense and risk. I have some really good packaging so do not worry.




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lastly, more pics and a video clip










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This is a bargain I can’t turn down I’ll take it at asking

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AKA Toffee chips

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