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Anyone tried this?

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Just on my second 500g bag from Asda!!

It’s not bad at all for a commercial brand. Rich, smoky and smooth with no bitter aftertaste. Classed as a medium roast, gives excellent CREMA and is well balanced.

I drink it as a black AMERICANO no sugar 14grms. run through 25 secs.09844619c65e570c5ddb4432a29cf536.jpg



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I've had this before and thought it was a very, very dark roast! 

It's a huge step up from instant coffee, for sure. I tend to prefer the lighter roasts from supermarkets (which typically are still medium - medium dark). I'd hate to know how dark a supermarket dark roast is! 

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32 minutes ago, TomHughes said:

The Crema comes from all the robusta in it. And the massive caffeine content! 
I used to drink this stuff in my medical student days, particularly around exams! 

Isn’t Crema that bad tasting yet aesthetically pleasing foamy mess on top of a shot that everyone seems to chase after but ultimately lends nothing to the quality of a shot?

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10 minutes ago, Mr Binks said:

Isn’t Crema that bad tasting yet aesthetically pleasing foamy mess on top of a shot that everyone seems to chase after but ultimately lends nothing to the quality of a shot?

Indeed! Crema is just a sign of a) fresh coffee or b) a tonne of robusta! 

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i thought this paper on crema was an informative read.

source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3140933/




What is Espresso Coffee Foam

A foam is a coarse dispersion of gas bubbles in a liquid continuous phase. In the case of espresso coffee, the gas phase is mainly the carbon dioxide generated during coffee roasting and entrapped within the cell structure, whereas the continuous phase is an oil in water (O/W) emulsion of microscopic oil droplets (90% <10 μm) in an aqueous solution of several solutes (including sugars, acids, protein-like material, and caffeine) containing solids coffee cell-wall fragments of 2–5 μm.1 The typical pure Coffea arabica regular (30 mL cup volume percolated in 30 s) espresso liquid is an O/W emulsion of 0.2–0.3% volume fraction, a suspension in which the dispersed phase is represented by about 150 mg solid coffee particles (corresponding to about 5 g/L) and a solution with total soluble solids concentration of 52.5 g/L.1

According to Dickinson,5 the espresso coffee foam (herein called crema for the sake of brevity) can be classified as a metastable foam with a specific lifetime. This is the time at which the foam disappears so as to expose the dark surface of the beverage below, which can be up to 40 min.3 During the short lifetime of crema, its structure and properties change considerably. It starts as a liquid bubbly foam in freshly prepared espresso and becomes a dry polyhedral foam on aging. The latter, however, is not of practical interest from a consumer point of view, since espresso coffee is consumed within a few minutes after preparation.

From a quantitative point of view, the crema should represent at least the 10% of the volume of an espresso.1 Foam density, as a gross indication of the gas phase content, in the range 0.40–0.60 g/mL has been reported.6 No detailed study has been published so far on crema chemical composition as well as on bubble size distribution. For the latter, the technical literature describes pure Coffea canephora (known as robusta) crema having larger bubbles than that of coffee made from pure C. arabica.7 An essentially monomodal distribution ranging from 10 to 150 μm has been reported for a regular pure C. arabica espresso.8

It has been reported that taste-wise, crema is of little sensory interest,4 although, if tasted in the absence of beverage, some bitterness and astringency can be clearly perceived.



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