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Levelers & no tamp

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How heavy/light are people going with leveler only? 

I have a Jack and tend to set it to mid way, few spins then apply some down pressure followed by a few more spins. Usually get a few mm after the down press so its a light to mid tamped puck. 

What techniques do you use?

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I use a leveller with a tamp.

Surely if you are spinning the leveller and then pressing down a few mm, you are creating an indentation in the puck from the leveller?

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Have to agree with deeez. If you're having to apply additional downward pressure you are using it as a tamper, but not a flat one. Even spinning afterwards may not that remove the impact that had had on the lower levels of the Puck.

From where I've read previously and people who do use the leveller as a tamper replacement. They just grind finer. Spin it to level it and then pull the shot.

It's not something I've ever done. I like the leveller followed by tamper process and it works for me so haven't bothered to trial it.

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I usually use the leveller to tamp very gently and then use the tamper to tamp lightly as the leveller is some cheapo chines one that doesn't really get to the very edges of the basket like the 58.55 torr one does.

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interesting. There's no surface marks at the depth i have it, after the down force, but that's not to say nothings going on at the lower levels. Had no issues (changeling or spritzing) so far and the puck comes out in one.

At the depth i have it just the weight of the leveler and the spinning still leaves that last few mm before the levler is sat flush on the basket which is why i press down. Plus it is only light otherwise i found the surface of the puck easy to indent. I could reduce the leveler by a few mm and grind finer. 

First became aware of the jack in a video where a guy was pimping out baskets, screens and gaskets. Around the 3 min mark and again later in the video. 


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As I was researching a new machine I saw a video of someone levelling then tamping and said to myself "that's over the top madness, I'll never do that".

Then I saw the Whole Latte Love video where Marco plugs the leveller. At the same time I started playing attention to my pucks, which revealed frequent channelling.

So, I got a leveller off eBay and stopped using the tamper. I got good results but felt uncomfortable that there was no consistency in the pressure - dependent on trial and error + luck to compress the puck sufficiently.

Then I went to tamper only, but wasn't confident in my ability to get the puck level consistently.

Now I do a light tamp, just enough to get the surface level and follow it with a full tamp. I feel like this is the best of both worlds.

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