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Delonghi ECP 35.31

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I got a ECP 35.31 as a Christmas gift last year and I am actually loving what it puts out. It's miles apart from what I had before.

I was on Nespresso and filter machines.

Really enjoyed the process of putting in the ground coffee, tampering, locking in the porta-filter and smelling the aroma of the coffee dripping slowly from the machine. Not sure how the experience would differ with other higher end espresso machines but judging for what I'm experiencing at the moment with this entry level budget machine, I can only imagine.

I never thought that I would actually spend money on coffee making but I just bought myself a Hario Skerton Plus hand grinder -  i think this is a pre-cursor of what's to come, a coffee grinder machine. Not even a month into ownership and I'm already starting to look at one of those fancy Breville machines.

There aren't many active coffee forums that has a dedicated Delonghi board so I'm really looking forward to this.






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Hi shaniandras,

Congratulations! Im not normally a member on this forum, but had to post to give you some tips!

I have the same ECP 35.31, and I've made a few changes to improve things, which you can do too, as you got the same grinder as I did! I got a Hario Skerton Pro, but im assuming you're also meaning that instead of Plus.

The improvement I did is changing the machine to be able to accept a real unpressurised portafilter basket, instead of the pressurized one that comes as standard. Now its important to understand, that this will only work with espresso ground coffee, so normal ground coffee will need the original basket. But with your Skerton grinder, you can grind whatever you want, to a wide range of grind sizes.

So, to make this work, you need to buy the normal portafilter basket, and also need to adjust the handle, as the basket is otherwise too big. You can do this second step in one of two ways. remove the plastic insert by unscrewing it from the bottom of the handle. Then you can either just leave it as that, or you can also cut the top part of it off to still have the plastic, but allow room to fit the basket. Try just removing it first. The plastic part is useful to help guide the flow of coffee, but you dont want to make changes you cant undo later, unless you have to.

I can help with more questions etc, but let me know you're interested, so im not wasting my time typing it all.

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Oh, and the other tip I can give you is to use a cordless drill with the right hex connection on the Skerton, and then grinding espresso coffee is much easier! But be sure not to go too fast, as this produces heat, which is bad for grinding coffee. Stick a little bit of tape on one side of the drill bit, to help spot when it goes round in circles, ensuring you dont go faster than 1 rotation per second. And make sure you hold the drill straight so you dont put uneven pressure on the grinding shaft.

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