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Hasbean Ana Sora beans

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Anyone tried their Ana Sora beans?

I need to order some beans fairly soon and wondered if they would be on par with Drop's?

They work out at £35 for a Kilo including P&P

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42 minutes ago, frustin said:

they ran out of the natural :( 

had 2kg of them, went for a 3rd and they've gone. only washed now, any ideas what they're like?

They RAN OUT ? The washed is really good too ;)

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I ordered a bag myself after seeing the praise. I've never ordered from Hasbean before but the price and delivery time has been great :)

What espresso recipe/ratio are people using? Am I best going with a 18g in > 36g out in 28-32 seconds? What about temperature? I tend to stick between 93-95C for my beans so far.

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Just ordered 500g

One of my favourites last year.

Got too many beans now though! (you can never have too many beans?)🤣

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Had my first v60 today, beans roasted on 3/8. Smell from pack was great when opening, brewed 26g to 400ml which on reflection was a few grams too much, i was wired for about 2 to 3 hours lol.  

Taste wise the parma violet was more pronouced than memory serves of the last batch i had in 2019. Enjoyed, cant wait to try again tomorrow. 

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23g to 400ml in a v60 - much more pleasant and more blueberry today - yum

might treat myself to a 2nd cup of coffee today... rather than decaf for the rest of the day

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