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Hasbean Recipe Advice

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Could anyone who is familiar with Hasbean coffees please give me a heads up on any brew ratios they find favourable for there Blake, Jailbreak and Jabberwocky blends. 

I have just received a starter pack from them after enjoying a blend they produced for a coffee shop I visit occasionally. 

I have a general starting point for everything that I buy but because I only have 250g of each blend I figured it would be good to ask if there are any opinions out there. 

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Hey, haven't tried the blends but generally they're a bit more developed than other specialty places. Somewhere between 1.8-2.2:1 ratio is best IME. They're pretty standard/easy to dial in. Don't think MildredM is your best bet for help as she's using a lever with a big flat grinder which is just quite different to dial in than traditional pump and grinder.

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For what its worth, my take on this is that recipes are largely meaningless. They don't take into account so many variables, such as water hardness/softness and a machines natural pre-infusion time (which for example is  greater on my Expobar group than some other E61's or non preinfusing group heads). 

So where hasbean recommend a recipe, it should really only be a starting point for your own tasting experience and experimentation. The water here is completely different to the water in hasbean HQ and this means that it takes more time to extract the same amount of soluble elements from the coffee. Depending where you are, what your machine is, you may find the timings and outputs are completely different. 

That said, in complete contradiction to what I've said above, in spite of the fact that Scottish water normally needs a longer brew time (say 32s or so), I'm finding blake blend works a bit shorter than hasbean recommend. At least in my setup. I'm doing closer to 18g into 30g in about 27s. Anything beyond this adds bitter notes and masks the lovely fruit heavy flavours of this natural process led blend. 

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Yeh of corse its a starting place. Although I still think it is valuable info. For example if hasbean reccomended to pull one blend at around 1:1.5 and another at 1:2.5 for example it gives you a good relative idea.

I did find that I dialed the jailbreak in as per the recipe and as soon as I 'hit the numbers' the drink became super smooth and milk chocolate just poured through in milk. So for me the jailbreak recipe worked well.

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