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Norfolk coffee co.

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So yesterday my wife and I went to a festive food market at a place near us, they had everything there and as we were leaving I noticed a coffee place, me being me I had to go and look and was assuming it to be another bulk re bag job. To my surprise I saw a nice EK43 grinder and a selection of different beans. I got a bag to try as a matter of course. Now, I've been ordering coffee from rave, has bean etc etc for years. Now this was the best coffee I have ever had by quite some way. I urge you all to have a look, it's the Ethiopian I got, thank me later 



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Yea sure. The roast was a nice light-medium but the beans had a lovely satin feel to them. The smell on opening the bag was an experience I've never had before, I've had fruity beans before but this was something else. I ran it on my machine, 10g in for 100g out in 35 seconds which is my go to long espresso based drink, it was thick, juicy, sweet and fruity. I then had an aeropress just after posting this, 12g coffee to 200g water for 4 minutes and it was a little watery, I'd probably dose 14 next time and leave everything else the same, or dose 160g water to 12g and see how that is. He had a few other coffees at the stand and I wish I'd pulled the plug and got a few haha. They change £2.50 delivery or free over £25

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This would explain why Black Apollo’s Coffee was always so good. Used to ride with a Norwich based cycle club and it was always a favourite.

On the subject of Norfolk I recently found these guys:


Anyone ever heard of them? They’re about 40 minutes from me and can be an easy detour on our way home to see family near Ipswich, night see if I can swing by next time we’re passing.

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