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Stupidest Oracle Touch New Owner Question Alert!

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I just received my oracle touch, set it all up and was ready to roll then got struck down with a sickness bug so didn't use it for two days :(

Anyway, yesterday in a painkiller addled state, I tried to make myself a flat white. I left everything at the default settings, used the double basket and poured it all into one cup then added milk. It was the strongest tasting flat white I've ever had. 


I think the really obvious mistake I made in my hazy state was that using the double basket provides two cups worth of coffee right? And I put it all into one cup and blew my head off? Is that right? If so should I use the single basket or just let one shot go into a shot glass and dispose of it? (I heard there was a tamping issue with the single basket).

Thanks and sorry for the stupid question!

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The Oracle (non touch) doses 21g of beans as far as I recall and I would imagine the touch won’t be too different l, I don’t believe it can be adjusted.

The strength of the taste will be affected by various factors including the beans you are using, the grind particle size, volume of water and quantity of milk in your flat white.

It would probably help to give a bit more information about those elements and, if you’re newish to making espresso at home, to spend time reading the basics in the forum as there will be more than enough information to enable you to make a good coffee to your taste in the touch.

Good luck.

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The oracle wont set the ideal grinder setting for you. What it will do is put a quantity of grinds into a filter basket. I assume it will do that on the single basket as well as the double.

So you need to tune the bean you are using. This really needs a set of 2 or 3kg scales of a size that the prortafilter can be rested on. There are some thin flat ones about that have a 100mm or so square platform on them that will do.

Weigh the portafilter and tare the scale. Add the grinds and note the weight of grinds.

Weigh the drinking vessel and tare the scales.

Pull a shot and weigh what came out.

This info can be used to work out a ration. Grams of coffee out / grams of grinds used. You also need to note the time the shot took. The machine probably uses 30 secs and displays it. The usual numbers mentioned by pundits  are 25 to 30sec.

This then leaves the question  of ratio which is determined by the grinder setting. The usual number used is 2 but from experience anything up to 3 may be best. Odd beans might benefit from even higher ones of up to 4 or 5 but I have only ever found that on commercial beans that were not fresh roasted. Coffee has a range of flavours in it and the ratio is what is used to obtain them. The aim being to get tastes that match the description of the bean ie balance the taste.

Then comes what else you might do. For instance I drink a particular bean regularly and have done since I bought an espresso machine. If I use a ratio of 2 I find it disgusting so use one slightly over 3 and a shot time of 30secs. If I make a drink for my wife using the same she finds it too strong so  I cut the shot time to 20sec. This is for an americano, that's generally all I drink myself. If I make a milk based for my wife I leave the shot time at 30sec. I change it to 20 by pushing a button to terminate the shot. I have also extended the shot time to try different ratios. I've  not been keen on the results but some people always use 40secs. It's possible to use up a lot of beans looking at variations so I would suggest you stick to a 30sec shot time and just adjust ratio and maybe try cutting the shot time.

This is the part of making a coffee with an espresso machine that people don't generally see - setting it up to suite some particular coffee bean.

The other way of changing the strength and even taste of a particular bean is to use different basket sizes. You might like to add a commercial light double to your collection. These will be sold as 12g baskets but will hold more on a 58mm portafilter Sage machine. More like 14g, the same as a commercial double basket. I use the ones directly from  Fracino as it's rather similar to a famous basket that some use that would hold too much on a Sage machine.




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