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Isomac Millenium project

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Just got my hands on a isomac millenium that was sold as faulty.

Boiler was not filling so disconected element to give it a test and have found after disconecting pump output pipe that the pump is not drawing any water, so new pump already on order.

The plan after that is to give it a good descale and service the grouphead.

Is there any advantage to giving everything a full stripdow to descale or would a full fill descale be OK along with a grouphead stripdown.

Also what descaling solution would people recomend.

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Citric acid crystals descale well. I buy mine from an Asian spice shop. Just fill the boilers and leave them while you go to work and flush out when you get home.

I use it on the kettle and even in the bathrooms. It's like magic and is foodsafe and environmentally friendly

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I was thinking of citric acid but i also have read in some places that you should use a dedicated coffee machine descaler not sure if that is just so they can sell the stuff, also I believe the boiler is nickel plated copper so will need something that is safe to use on that.

Think I will get hold of a cheap usb endoscope to have a inspection inside the boiler without taking the element out.

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