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Panel mount liquid filled Pressure Gauge kit for Gaggia Classic

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Stainless steel panel mount liquid filled pressure gauge kit up to 11bar 1 5/8" (41.3mm) diameter
for Gaggia Classic coffee machine.

£36 including 2nd class signed for shipping to UK mainland.

The KIT includes:
Pressure gauge
Assembly (gauge connector copper pipe brass piggyback.
2 food grade silicone O rings (1 for the piggyback and one for the over pressure valve as you will need to take it off the machine in order to install this kit)
Longer bolts.

I could also include a returnable hole punch in the required diameter, get in touch for details.

Please have a look at my other listings for more upgrade options for Gaggia Classics.

I can also install this kit if you send me your coffee machine please get in touch for details (note that would cost you slightly more due to the labor).

Any questions please feel free to ask.


Prior to installation it is recommended to fill the capillary tube with water to eliminate vibration of the needle. Remove the gauge by holding the brass connector with a 12mm spanner and unscrew the gauge by hand (note some glycerine might leak so try to do it carefully) than place the piggyback under clear water and simply suck on the other and until water comes through. Due to the he capillary action it's not likely to leak while you screw the gauge back carefully to avoid leaking glycerine from the gauge itself.
Drill the hole first, than remove the OPV and thread this assembly in the machine through the hole (make sure you place the silicon lock ring inside first and thread the assembly through that too) bolt it in place and lock it with the silicone ring. Than you can fine tune the angle with a 12mm spanner. If the needle still vibrates you will need to get rid of any air locks in the system, take off the gauge as described above push in the fitting to plastic bottle, than turn the machine on and the pump too until consistent flow of water comes out the capillary tube. Re assemble.
Enjoy it.



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