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Project / Concept Trial

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Hi guys

My name is Sam, and I work for Tait and co on many of his projects as a member of Pivotal. 

I am looking to build a new service into and around the coffee forums and the coffee forum brand. It’s worth noting that this new service won’t impact on the usage or the forum in any way shape or form, so no need for alarm there. I don’t wish to divulge to much information here to the community as if the project fails, I don’t want to leave a bitter taste of what could have been. I am looking for people within the community who are involved in retail, brewing or product creation within the coffee community, who are open to new ideas and wish to be part of this project. 

IF you feel this is you, please could you populate the google form in the link below and we will be in touch very soon. Should anyone have any queries or questions, feel free to contact me directly via PM to discuss.


Thanks again for your time and understanding.


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