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You may have noticed a few new badges have popped up next to some peoples names in the past few hours.


The badges we have introduced are;

Admin, Moderator, YYYY Supporter and Super Supporter


The Admin and Moderator buttons are assigned by Admin to those who help maintain Coffee Forums UK and keep the site free of spammers


The Advertiser and Supporter buttons are in recognition of supporting Coffee Forums UK financially.


Advertisers will have their status displayed for the period in which they contribute towards the running costs through banner advertising.

Details of advertising rates can be found here


Supporter status can be obtained using the Donate link at the top of most forum pages


Donations are completely voluntary, yet help to keep the forum free of intrusive adverts.

Once a donation has been validated the badge will be assigned. (There is also an option not to display the badge if you wish)


Thank you to those who have advertised with Coffee Forums UK or donated over the past few months.


We are now reaching a wider audience than ever, and hope to continue to enhance the website month-by-month.

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How about a little thank you to you @Rhys for your support to the forum?

Just a quick note to say a big thank you to all that have donated. We have a list so no one will be forgotten. Once the glitches have been sorted out (as you are no doubt aware there are a few teethin

Thank you but there is really no need to acknowledge it.  Just carry on doing what you folks do!  I don’t post a lot these days but I still read a lot on the forum!! David

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Agree 100% with mikehags recent post, and it spured me on to make a small donation last week. Tried to contact admin and also sent PM to Glenn to check all was OK but so far no reply, is there a problem?





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Yeah, as Coffeegeek says Glenn is all over the country organising and running the many SCAEUK competitions going on. Until I got involved I had no idea how much work these guys put into the organisation on a voluntary basis. And Glenn now also has the UKABC to set up and run for the first time this year.

He always acknowledges donations etc... just takes time for him to get there!

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Many thanks mike 100 and chimpsinties


Thank you for the donations and sorry for the delayed status update. You've now both been badged.

Your support means a lot to me!


I had a great time judging at the Midlands Heat of the UK Barista Championships in Norwich last weekend. There's even a photo or two of me as well. That's very rare as I am usually on the other end of the lens...

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Thankyou to the members who have asked how they can get a nice blue badge next to their name


Clicking the Donate button above will guide you through the process.

The badges will be applied as soon as the email is received by me, usually within an hour or so.

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Many thanks to benbaldwin, thjxw05, pendragoncs and RobD who are now proudly displaying their Supporter badges.

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Apologies for the small donation - no spare cash at the moment having forked out for a complete set up! Will donate again when I have a few spare ££

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