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Rhinowares Javan Cup & Saucer sets

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flat whites cups in blue and pitcher arrived, thanks all looking great - well happy and the blue colour sits nicely alongside my loveramics greeny colour and my acme grey... well pleased!

If it's a possibility I'd split a pack of the black flat whites with Raman (3 each) since 6 would be too many for me. But obviously if you're not interested in splitting then no worries Sent from my

@M_H_S Do you have any blue flat whites with handles left please?

Oooh no handles hmmm I'll have to pass for now
Thanks for the speedy response
Lol. People get a strange sort of anxiety with handleless as if the cup might jump out of their hands. I personally think they look and feel really nice. I prefer them.

Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk

Sage Duo Temp - La Cimbali 6/S A 64mm flat burr + numerous projects: Sunbeam, Ascaso, Gaggia

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Oh I dont mind them.

I'd use them to serve as well and you're absolutely right I've seen people almost shit themselves at the site of them


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Did everything sell here? If so, I will move to sold ;)

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