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Delonghi Dedica Espresso

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Hi all,

new to coffee world and new to the forum also.  About 4 months ago i bought a delonghi dedica espresso machine.   at first it was great but after 2 months it started being temperamental with delivering the shot.   Now if i get one cup of coffee it doesnt give me another.  makes all the buzzing noise and a little drop of coffee falls into the cup and thats it.  i've i've checked and the water and pump are ok and flowing when no filter is on but as soon as the filter and ground coffee is in then nothing comes through.

delonghi have mentioned to clean the filter but i've tried and the same thing is happening.  iBefore i send this back i want to make sure im not being a noob with it all.  i live in scotland and it shouldnt need descaled after this length of time as the water is very soft.     also the machine works fine its just getting to the final part of pouring the coffee into the mug. 

has anyone else experienced this before?  if so, any solutions that avoid me sending the machine back? 

thanks in advance


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Even later... it's probably the basket. The dual layer metal baskets are very prone to fine grounds slipping between the layers and partly or fully blocking the tiny output hole. Replacements that ship now have a split design with a rubber gasket supporting the top layer of the basket and are far easier to clean and unblock.

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