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Quick mill computer coffee


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Hi and welcome!
Can't say too much about the pros and cons as I haven't had a play with this particular model. It's also called 0925 btw ;)
But... I've had a 0825 at work for a couple years and it worked pretty fine. Quickmill's proprietary thermoblock group is a funny little thing that (as company name halfway suggests) heats up really quick. Temp stability is a bit of an issue, as is the case with all of these small machines if kept stock.

If modding is something you're looking into, there's plenty space to accomodate an OPV or pressure gauge - I've done these to my 0825 (same chassis) and documented somewhere in here...


Be aware that you can only fit QM's proprietary stainless steel 3-lug portafilter handles - good thing is, they're made to assist quick heat transfer. And it works.

In general, a built-in grinder is not the best (who would have thought) and a potential downside when a. upgrading or b. technical problems occur.
Parts availability from Quickmill is pretty good, though.

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