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Gaggia Classic 2005 (with mods/PID etc) + Sage Smart Grinder Pro

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Hi all,

I have a Gaggia Classic and Sage Smart Grinder Pro for sale, the Gaggia has a number of nice mods. It was bought from here in 2015 and used regularly for two years. The last couple of years it has pretty much been unused, when my wife decided she wanted she was unable to make consistently good coffee using the machine and was unwilling yo bother to learn so reverted to daily visit to our local coffee shop instead. We will be investing in a Sage Oracle, for consistency and convenience! I have descaled it and fired it up but the coffee came out way too fast (full cappuccino cup in around 30 seconds), I was using (very) old beans though, probably over a year old. I imagine someone who knows what they're doing can figure out why this is happening and fix pretty quickly?

I am looking for £200 for the whole package, and would be very keen on collection from Merstham, Surrey. I would consider splitting the items if I couldn't find someone to take it as a package. Cash/Bank transfer are both acceptable methods of payment.

Here are the details:

Gaggia Classic made in 2005 with nice 'Mods':

1) Auberins PID kit (classic and NOT with steam/pre-infusion facility) - note, I cannot get this to stay stuck on the side of the machine but it works well.

2) Brass Group Head and IMS precision shower screen (I still have the original aluminium group head if for some strange reason you want it/need it)

3) Naked Portafilter with double basket

Please note: original Gaggia portafilter has a crack in plastic handle and moves a little but it can still be used normally if you 'take care' when slotting it into group head, it comes with its original double basket and single basket

4) Portafilter Pressure Gauge (this was tweaked by previous owner - Gaggia pump to 10lbs pressure meaning it is 9lbs of pressure going through coffee puck)

5) Rubber-stop/filter for backflushing

6) Gaggia plastic tamper (which originally comes with machine)

7) Motta tamper with matt

Sage Smart Grinder Pro (purchased in 2015)





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I will take these at asking then. But can collect earliest tuesday if ok

Gaggia Classic 2010 PID(IMS 200µm shower screen&Brass Dispersion Plate&OPV&Steam Wand Modded) | Kinu M47 V3 Niche Zero | Bottomless Portafilter&VST Ridgeless 15gr and 18gr | Decent Tamper V2 | MouMou 58mm Distribution Tool | 2X 64oz Airscapes & CoffeeVac

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That's a great deal.

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What's the point...it'll only change soon!

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