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For Sale: La Cimbali M21 Junior and Pharos II hand grinder

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La Cimbali M21 Junior DT/1 Group - 2014. £950 ono

Orphan Expresso Pharos II Grinder + Bench Dog purchased 09/2018. £300

Awesome machine. Heat Exchange system | volumetric dosing | rotary pump. The build quality and design is second to none: everything about this machine has been solidly built and designed to operate sucessfully in a small cafe enviroment - truely a buy it for life machine. You can very easily open it up and marvel at the shear weight of brass. The lovely folks at Home-Barista, over in the US, rate the machine very highly (equal to the La Marzocco Linea mini). Sure it is not as beautiful but the coffee is damn good. A used BWT Bestmax Premium Filter Cartridge (V or large version) with roughly 6 months left and a Honeywell Pressure Reducing Valve (for the water feed in) is included. The machine is functioning beautifully. Inside, it is super clean. It has been recently descaled although it is due another descaling in a couple of months. Note it does have some minor cosmetic scuffs on the side.

Pharos Hand Grinder. Titan class 68mm italian made conical commercial steel griding burr set.  Stepless top adjustment made with a stanless steel split shaft collar. Virtually no retained grind (eat your heart out Niche Zero) . This thing is built to last - the assembly plates and bolt covers are anodised aluminium. The axle, handle , top cap cover, coffee catcher cup and split collar are all staneless steel. This is simply the best bang-for-buck grinder out there and the cheapest path to truly exceptional coffee. It is quick and easy to grind (however, for lighter roasts you will have to dig in). I will include a single unused bench dog that can be used to help attach the grinder to a surface. 

Other stuff: two portafilters (one bottomless, one double), 18 gram stock basket, a 22(?) gram basket and a single basket. Scales - accurate to two decimal places. Grindstein Knockbox. Motta 58mm tamper.

Why would I sell this well-researched, well-built and, above all, well-tasty set up? Because I'm moving countries. Also because I want to give someone else this life-changing set up.

I'm currently located in Kingston-upon-Thames, SW London. I'm happy to deliver within, say, 20 miles. If you're interested in purchasing both the machine and grinder, I will accept a combined offer of £1,200 (a screaming deal). Please note I will not accept single offers on the grinder until the machine has sold.

Here is the link to the photos https://photos.app.goo.gl/kJah59HSgfW9xGTVA

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