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Nearly a year in to the Niche - taste difference

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Does the Niche come with the PF holder?

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8 minutes ago, -Mac said:

Does the Niche come with the PF holder?

No. Its set up to grind and single dose in the cup thst comes with it. 

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Posted (edited)
On 24/08/2019 at 12:27, blazarov said:

I am now 2.5 months with the niche after upgrade from 50mm mignon. We are a household of 2 so 1-1,5kg monthly max.
As expected our coffee consumption significantly increased due to initial enthusiasm around the niche and the long waited single dosing capabilities.

I decided to comment here because the main topic is taste and here is where i am still unsatisfied or to be more precise- my (high) expectations are not (yet) met.

Chances are that it is purely subjective thing caused by unrealistically high expectations biased by the thousands positive comments read in the forums.

Not that the taste is bad, but i really expected more dramatic improvement over the mignon in the cup.

In fact i believe that my best shots so far are still from the mignon.

All other (also significant) benefits such as workflow, single dosing, aesthetics, etc. are completely and undeniably there and it is enough to justify the cost.

Still hoping to get some gradual improvements as the burrs brake in.

Few days ago i went to a 3rd wave coffee shop in Istanbul and tried an espresso - it was amazing. Locally roasted SO from Guatemala. They were grinding with Robur, so i thought i might expect similar taste (Conical). Perfect opportunity for comparison, so i bought 250g of the same fresh beans.
The result was quite a disappointment. Tried any ideas for recipe, but nothing came close to the perfectly balanced taste at the coffee shop.

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The Niche should get pretty close to the taste of a Robur if every other viable was the same. I can compare the Niche directly to a £2000+ Titan conical  IF SINGLE DOSING (the cafe will not have been single dosing so they have the advantage there) and they’re pretty similar. So unless you use the same machine, pre-infusion, temperature and just as important, water make-up then it’s a very loose comparison.

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Totally agreed. Its not a fair comparison by any means.

Thats why i really believe that the root cause is mostly due to too high expectations set by too much forum reading. :)

Anyways i am not selling it, overall i am very satisfied user and there are no real alternatives available on the market.

Probably i was hoping that the Niche would cure the desire for a Monolith Flat and this is where it really failed :)

Just wanted to share a different point of view, not to start a pointless dispute.

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