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Freezing ground coffee

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Hi All, 

A quick question, my wife isn't to keen on grinding coffee etc, she's not a coffee drinker, but she does have friends stop bye who would like a cup. So I was thinking that I might grind up some coffee and freeze it in single batches so she could just take one out of the freezer and brew via French Press as needed. Would this work OK? How long do you think ground coffee would store in the freezer? 


Thanks for your thoughts. 


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As we know, aroma gets lost within minutes after grinding, which has to do with immensely increased surface area. Oils will be exposed to oxygen and start degrading instantly. Furthermore, especially ground coffee attracts all sorts of foreign aromas of produce stored next to it.
You cannot shock freeze at home, also you cannot vacuum pack or add a drop of fluid nitrogen with average household appliances. You simply cannot replicate industrial methods, which are still cumbersome in their own right. So unless you're willing to take chances of off-tastes or stale results, erm... my humble opinion is:

Putting ground coffee in the freezer is like putting your cat in the freezer. You can do it, but it's not nice.

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says Hasi.


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Deep Thought says 'tight wiggles' is the answer. @Scotford

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Posted (edited)

It'll work fine for coarser grinds like French press/drip (I wouldn't grind either super coarse), you might even try seeing how long they go before dropping off stored at room temp.

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Posted (edited)

We have written a blog all about the freezer method of storage, but basically you have to try it to taste how good it works. Fresh coffee beans or grounds never freeze, the consistency of the cold and dark environment locks in freshness, where as the light and heat changes of a kitchen will quickly start to deteriorate the colour and taste of fresh ground coffee. Of course as with anything in the freezer, if water gets into a product, it freezes, expands and ruins it, so whilst fresh coffee doesn't freeze, water would and then that's what would ruin it. But, put coffee in an air tight freezer safe jar so no water can get in and it is magic, coffee will be preserved way past it's best before date, to use straight away as needed.

We tested over 2 weeks with the same coffee batch.. Some in the freezer and some left in the kitchen. Within a week or so the kitchen coffee lost colour and significant taste, whilst the freezer coffee grounds were as fresh as the day they went in. This speaks volumes to us!


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