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Do you brew by pressure or by time/volume

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Hi all

Do you brew by pressure or time/volume? What I mean is do you judge the grind (fineness/tamping/etc.) by the pressure it takes to extract, e.g. aiming for 9bar, or does that not mean much and you go by timing and volume coming out (for those that can't yet judge just by looking at the liquid)? I see many new machines that have come out that don't have a pressure gauge and wonder if that is because it's not used that much or an oversight.

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Pressure is necessary to fore the brew water through the compacted puck of coffee. What exactly that pressure is, isn't that critical as long as you can get a tasty shot at your desired brew ratio...which brings me on to:

Brew by mass. set your dose in the PF to a specific, appropriate weight for your basket. Tamp the same way each time, tamping isn't a variable you can control easily.

Then run the brew water through the puck, killi g the shot to yield your desired beverage weight in the cup, on scales, on the drip tray. Aim for the same weight each time (a lot of folk aim for 2x the coffee dose weight, others 3x...a few may go heavier - divide weight in cup by dose weight to get your brew ratio, e.g. 54g in the cup/18g dose is a 1:3 ratio)

Adjust the taste by changing the grind setting, finer if your shots are weak &/or sour. Coarser if dull, silty/powdery.

Record the time the pump runs for, if bizarrely short (under 10s) grind finer, if bizarrely long (over a minute) grind coarser. Range for a good shot is wide if you consider different beans & grinders.

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