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2019 coffee crisis

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It'll end up like every other industry, a few massive global companies controlling the supply chain, screwing everyone but able to do so because they have such a huge monopoly.  The world only works on scale these days, get twice as big and take a % out of your shared costs, get 100x as big and dictate what you'll pay.


Or they'll all be cut down for bloody palm oil plantations...

Sage DTP | Santos #4

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Commodity price is catastrophic and we know that since over 100 years. Brazil has ever been bullying around by flooding the market with low quality crops and massive over production. This is pure politics and has nothing to do with growing in the first place.
Looking at other countries, such as Panama where the average farmer is more knowledgeable and interested in producing better crops green coffee export revenue is at another level.

I see second and third wave coffee as a chance for a change towards better quality greens. It is our duty to school consumers, raising awareness and demand for top notch produce so that farmers become more considerate and the big corporations lose interest in buying greens too expensive to go in their crap beverages. :classic_angry::angel:

Funny little detail in the article: they go about 10$ per kilo for Mr Jones's coffee, half a page below a cost breakdown for a latte stating a coffee shot being 50c - that's a whooping 50g of grounds in one cup!

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says Hasi.


'This Sunday I will be out in the road saying - "Hasi says your impeading me from pursuing my recreational motivations while you wank off over the finer details of some aloof brainfork" :whistle: ' @jimbojohn55

Deep Thought says 'tight wiggles' is the answer. @Scotford

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Something similar but different to Brazil happened when, after the war and having destroyed virtually all the agricultural land,  the US pumped money into Vietnam to promote coffee growing (robusta) and that had a devastating effect on coffee farmers in other countries.  Again...(im)pure politics.


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