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ProCook double walled glass cafetiere

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I have just been through my second one of these and sadly can not recommend . 


The first one I thought might have been accidently broken by me when I was chopping food next to it, I assumed I must have caught it with a knife when I was chopping and didn't notice because the inside glass just blew leaving the inside wall smashed.

I purchased a new one and was very mindful to keep good care of it, I used a metal desert spoon placed gently inside to take away excess heat before adding water from the kettle that was 60 seconds off the boil.  The second one has now gone too only this time the unit was completely cool, had been used 2 hours prior.  My partner was standing in the kitchen about 8ft away from it 2 hours after use and he heard what sounded like a stone being thrown at glass.  With no involvement from anyone else the inner glass had broken again collapsing inwards on the plunger left at the bottom still with cold coffee grounds in.

I contacted the head office and they offered to replace it  but it seemed a bit pointless after this happening twice.  In their decency they have replaced it with a different type but its not very good as  the replacement is single glass walled and annoyingly wobbles a bit on the counter. I really like the double glass walled cafetiere as it kept the coffee that much hotter during the brewing process.  I have tried out the plunging mechanism on a few other metal ones in shops but can't bare the sound of the metal on metal when you plunge so the double walled glass was perfect.

I will not be purchasing another one of these but If anyone has any recommendations for other double walled glass units then please shout up :)




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