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LSOL July - Crankhouse Coffee [Exeter]

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I'm going to join the crowd and go African I think... Rwandan? 

Can see why some are saying central America though! 

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I’m going Colombian natural

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*** Reveal Time ***

I've really enjoyed this coffee, another absolute banger from Crankhouse. I asked Dave if he would like to do the reveal so take a moment and have a read through this...

Hi folks, I hope you’ve all enjoyed your July LSOL. I think the cat was out of the bag
early on this one even with Mark's attempts to deflect… 'he couldn't possibly put
another Ethiopian natural on after the July Hippo could he ?’ 😉
Well, he did.
This is from the Bale Mountain station in the little known West Arsi region. What is known
is the reputation of the owner Israel Degfa, who has made a huge contribution to
raising quality standards of coffees being produced in this region. He owns 13 stations
and has implemented colour sorters and a QC lab. 
This came in from a small startup importer called Kamba Coffee who we met at
LCF as they were just starting out. They focus on small producer lots from Ethiopia and Brazil only
and when we tasted the fresh crop on the cupping table back in March we committed to a couple of bags
straight away. It sold very fast and we had some fantastic feedback for this early season natural.
I sent a sample to Mark even though he said he didn’t really want another natural Ethiopian straight
after the Kiss the Hippo coffee… looks like it was good enough to change his mind !
That did mean we had to secure another couple of sacks which we were lucky enough to do.
For us it was more Mango rather than those more typical Blueberry or Strawberry flavours you
tend to associate with good naturals from Ethiopia, but there was something else.. That sweetness
of ripe Mango and a little fizz like those cola bottle sweets. Mango and Cola !
Here’s the link to the full info for this coffee:
When I was printing the post labels on these packets I recognised quite a few names as regulars
on our web store. I’d like to extend a massive thanks to Mark and all of you for your support.
Owner, roaster, chief floor sweeper-upper. 
Crankhouse Coffee
So that taste note that was right up my street...was of course mango!!! Nice one Dave. August's thread going up soon.
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Delicious beans these.... I'm impressed.

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Must admit it was a cracker, and I have my Sub with Crankhouse, and just renewed it. Worked in Pour over Capa and Flat

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I've had my final drink out of my 500g and it was delicious. Sad to come to the end, really! Thanks to all concerned, and especially to Dave.

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Coffee by the Casuals

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Really enjoying these! Great info on the reveal and on the Crankhouse site. Thanks to Mark for allowing his arm to be twisted for another Ethiopian natural, and to Crankhouse for grabbing an extra couple of sacks of this cracking coffee for us.

Eat, drink and be merry

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ESOL 🤣🤣🤣

I've enjoyed this one and had a sneaky suspicion early on that is was an Ethiopian as Sarah's face was a picture on her first and only cup from this month's.

Has worked best for me in the moccamaster at 63g per full 1.25 jug and get the mango descriptor now, got more obvious as it cooled. 

Thanks again all for organising, collecting and roasting


P.s guess for the origin in Augusts… is it an Ethiopian 🤣

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and a Puq Press not in a pear tree..


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