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Any opinions on the Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato Type V


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Why you looking to upgrade to this from the Apartmento? There pretty much the same machine.

You are only getting an insulated boiler, brass end plates, a group pressure valve and a PID. None of this will change the quality of the coffee.

I own the Mozzofiato Type R and originally started looking at the Apartmento. From new the extra cost from this to the type V, was worth upgrading for the above extras worked out £60 each. But to upgrade it now increases this to a point I don’t think is worth it. Assuming of course you buy new and lose money on selling what you have!

So so as said not sure what extra your looking for but you will be paying money for aesthetics with little change to quality of espresso.

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Well tbf the Apartmento isn’t too shabby in the looks department..

But yeah I did a lot of research before buying and as far as a HX goes these are pretty much top of their game.

you could go to DB for better espresso for you will be able to control temps more precisely and thus fine tune it to specific roasts = better espresso so perhaps that’s a route you could explore 

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5 hours ago, Laura_K said:

Thanks for your post! Part of it was aesthetics ? but that's given me food for thought as I was hoping it would produce better quality espresso and offer a bit more control. 

What grinder do you have paired with it? That will produce the biggest improvement in the cup.

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