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Water running into cup during extraction

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As stated above, I am getting a lot of water that is running (presumably) over the top of the group head when I am pulling a shot. Am thinking that the grind is too fine, but it still seems to run through a bit quick.

i changed the group head seal as I thought it might be to do with that, but it’s not. After I have finished pulling the shot, if I look at the puck, there is still a bit of water sat on top.

Thank you in advance.

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What machine? Is everything really clean round the group seal etc and has it changed or has this always happened? Are you tightening the p/f handle in firmly?

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Thanks for your reply. It’s an Oscar ii with opv mod. No it hasn’t or if it has, it hasn’t been as bad as it is now. I was having a few issues with the extraction occurring during the pre infusion but presumed that was due to a corse grind.

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If you are getting water drip into the cup, before the coffee starts to drip & it is not obviously leaking around the outside of the PF, it is most likely water trapped the basket & PF.

Pop the basket out after flushing & have a look?

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