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Gaggia Classic blown fuses

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I’m ready to throw this damn machine away.  It’s probably 5 or 6 years old and worked fine until a few months ago.  Power shut off and it wouldn’t turn on...I did some reading and figured it was the thermostatic fuse.  Replaced it and sure enough power came back on and it worked fine.  For a day.  Fuse blows again.  Repeat three or four times.  Did some more reading and replaced the thermostats.  Seemed to work much better, outside of the machine didn’t get nearly as hot, perfect.  Everything made sense.  It was working fine for the past two weeks until this morning  after I finished making my morning latte I went to turn it off, and it was already off.  Power doesn’t work again.  What else can I try?  I’ve taken this damn thing apart so many times over the last few months.

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Do you live in a hard water area ?  Has the machine been de-scaled.If as you say it is taking out the thermostatic fuse, it is drastically over heating

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3 hours ago, BlownFuse said:

What else can I try?

You don't have a PID right?

When you say "blown a fuse" you mean the thermal fuse on top of the boiler - not the wall plug ?

Are you sure it has blown, (i'm told they make quite a bang at 184C) - test it working / blown with a multimeter.

The steam thermostats i think should be 145C.  The brew one 107C on the side.

Assuming you have it wired correctly - worth double checking as it is easy to transpose two connectors  - do the lights go off when heating and ON when steam is ready?

The front switch can get damaged but that should not blow the thermal switch unless you have it wired wrong.

good luck!




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No PID.  I have descaled it semi-regularly.  When I say fuse I am talking about the one on top not the wall.  Can’t say for sure that they were the problem other than once I replaced them the power would come back on.  Yesterday  there was no overheating so I don’t know why the fuse would be the problem except that’s what the problem has been before.


the frustrating part is it was working perfectly for the last two weeks.

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So I replaced the fuse this morning and it works fine again.  I made sure the old one was connected correctly and nothing was loose.  Something is still causing these fuses to go...

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