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I have had my dual boiler for about 4 years now. About 6 months ago, it started to trip the electrics on the house and it was out of Warranty. Nightmare scenario.   So I called Sage and they said only Coffee Classic were licensed to fix these machines in the UK. So I dropped it off with them and asked to fix all they could to avoid a resend of the machine in the future.  They fixed the machine and sent it back for the a cost of about about £80.  So about 6 months pass and I started to hear a hissing in the machine, top got very hot and then it trips the mains again. I thought this surely would be coverd by Coffee Classics. So I called them and they said there were 100's of seals in the machine, they do not change them all and went on about descaling often. Send it in and we can take a look for a charge! I was astonished, what did I pay them to do last time and to be without my machine for a month again. Too much pain I thought. I will take a look I thought.

So thanks to them, one of the screws on the front was a bit stripped, so I had to buy a few Phjillips screw drivers to fit properly but I got there in the end. I discoverd the first leak pretty fast and luckily I had bought the right size O rings from my first escapade on this.

So this gent, Joe has done a great intro videos into this issue: and he has a few others. I don't want to recreate the wheel, so he has most of it coverd.:

So what did I need:

1x fine tooth pliers

1x tweeezers

1 x long bladed  Phlillips Head 0 or 1 for the 2 fonts screws

1x Torx 1.5x40 for the back plate

O-rings - The Orange ones seem to BS007 sillicone, food grade high pressure. I got some on eBay. See the picture for more information.


So I opened my Sage up and the leask was  first was from the steam boiler to steam wand on the boiler side. I changed it for one of my new seals, it did not have a washer. I presume Coffee classic probably lost the washer last time the changed it... I had to compress the hosse in with a small flat head screw driver to get the clip back in. I turned the machine on, anxiously hoping it was all fixed. It was but then I saw the white high pressure hose leaking with the cover, so I waited for the machine to cool, pulled the clip out and removed the hose carefully. There were 2 O rings on that one and a metal seal. I replace them with 1 on the new one and put the metal seal back on. Did the same then the next one was hissing a bit so I changed that as well. I have checked and it is all good now. I wanted to share this in case you are having the same issue.












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I have some spare seals, so if you are stuck or local to Kingston, I can give you a hand.

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