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So I've just got myself a second hand Classic, model 18161/40, and managed to pull my first shot - yay!




However, I've not been able to create any foam with the Rancilio steam wand and now I've run out of milk. :o The milk warms up but stays the same consistency. I was using cold semi-skimmed and probably had about half a pint in the frothing jug.




Anyway I'm off to get some more milk and look for another tutorial on Youtube but any pointers welcome.

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The longer you leave the tip of the steam wand on the surface of the milk, the more you will "stretch" it (aka create bubbles), once you got the amount of bubbles desired, you need to find the whirlpool (most people just tilt the jug so it goes in a circle, which isn't right). The whirlpool should spin the milk, but also swallow the bubbles in, creating glossy textured milk.


That should help ;)

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Posted (edited)
Thanks for your responses. Would full fat milk be better?
Slightly, but a couple of things i found that helps.


Small amounts of milk as mentioned by @Jollybean i think is the main one, the Gaggia doesn't have a lot of steam power and you have to get the air into the milk quickly before it gets warm. I use a little Rattlewear jug to make a cup at a time.


Jug and milk as cold as possible.


edit: forgot - need a thermometer to know when to stop.


Make sure you have the boiler at steam temperature before starting. A PID to get the boiler really hot helps get a little more power.


Flush out any condensation before starting.


Fresh milk, i have tried a few different types (organic etc) but fresh seems to be key, rather than type.


Practice with water and a drop of detergent, to work out where the tip and jug works for rolling the milk - watch videos. Getting the tip in exactly the right place is probably a millimetre or two either way.


I still can't get a lot of perfect microfoam - but enough... :good:

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Feel like I read somewhere that someone did some experimenting and worked out that you should flick the steam switch, purge after 27 seconds and start steaming at 35 seconds... Might be worth a try to catch the steam power at the right point.


I have found with the classic that I need to stretch the milk a little longer at the beginning to get the right amount of foam, probably because it doesn't have the steaming power of a better machine.


Just take s a bit of experimenting!

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