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What to expect from B2C -and what to buy / avoid -any recommendations ?

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I know this will sound a bit odd but, here goes.


I'm wondering what I might expect from a Bean to Cup machine when compared to a dedicated and dialled in espresso machine.


I have a Silvia paired with a mignon which works really well but it currently lives about an hours drive from where I find myself.


I was wondering whether a bean to cup machine could give a comparable result with less hassle -which I guess is the main appeal. I don't add milk so foam ability is not really a factor.


Looking around I see good reviews of Melitta's but unsure of the pros and cons of each.


Costco currently have the Barista T Smart for £649 and the Solo for £270 , Redber have the Varianza CSP for £650 and the Barista TS Smart for £795.


Anyone have any thoughts or advice or recommendations ?


Thanks for your help !

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You split up recently?

Oh, yes none of my business [emoji51]


As per @DavecUK 's review the Melitta Caffeo Varianza works pretty ok.


Why don't you just get your gear over?

Oh, yes none of my business [emoji56]

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Hey guys,


Thanks, yeah, more work-related absence... and yes, I have aeropress/oomph/v60


So is the Varianza a better bet than the Barista ?


Anywhere close to miss Silvia ?

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Firstly I don't believe a b2c will give comparable drinks especially if you drink espressos. So I'd suggest trying a b2c first to see if you like the taste.


I've had experience with the Varianza and Barista. I'd say in terms of taste the only difference is that the Barista has a 'intense' extraction setting as well as standard which can give stronger shots as the extraction and pre infusion are lenghthened. The other Barista features are non taste related i.e. Two bean hoppers, LCD display and more customisable drinks, make two drinks at the same time. Also the Passione is identical to the Varianza except you can't use a second bean through an extra opening while having your standard beans in the normal hopper.


If you are having non milk drinks, I'd be tempted by the Solo for the price and likely to have same brew tech as the more expensive ones.

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