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Cast Iron, Caturra dear Altura


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Well, first time ever buying fresh roasted beans from a small roaster rather than my Lavazza and I must say wow. I know it may be boring and a poor use of adjectives but honestly that's all I kept saying for the first 5 minutes as I drank my first flat white with the beans.

After getting my new machine I was determined to try some new beans and after a wee look around I found these via the coffee roasters website. For anyone interested they are from Guatica with a 1700-1900 meters above sea level and are washed.

They were described as full bodied and rich, hazelnut, berries and caramel. I certainly got the nutty caramel from them. Took about 4 go's to get a decent shot. Still not quite perfect. Really need to get the tamping down.

Anyways I really enjoyed the coffee and found no bitter aftertaste that I normally associated with home made coffee.

I think James Hoffman said something about being so used to poor coffee that you begin to believe that is what it should taste like.

This has been a great start for my new coffee journey. I don't drink, I don't smoke, coffee has become my drug of choice and man am I hooked.

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Lovely description - and Cast Iron are always right there so far as I'm concerned (my pal buys pretty much exclusively from them) so if you are enjoying the taste (as you are) you can generally guarantee that whatever they roast, you will like.

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