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We are Tatjana and Tom from https://teapro.co.uk/ :D

We started our own tea journey about a year ago when we accidentally stumbled into an artisan tea shop and bought our first Dragon Well Green tea. We were blown away by the taste and started wondering what else we have been missing out on. Turns out quite a lot!

We started exploring different tea types and quickly realised that with over 1500 varieties out there (and that doesn’t even include blends), it can be quite overwhelming!

That’s why we decided to start teapro – a tea journey that guides you through a different tea type each month, so you can learn all there is to know about the magical and mysterious world of tea, while sipping our carefully selected premium loose leaf teas.

Our first box starts this May and includes a variety of what we call “magical teas”.

After that, we will be tackling different styles of each tea type every month!

The most unique part of our subscription is that you will receive some fun and educational facts about the teas we send, as well as the tea world in general.

You'll even get a sticker album to mark your progress, so that after the 12 months you'll be able to call yourself a true teapro!

If you'd like to go on a tea journey with us, here is a special discount code for you: teapro15


If you'd like to get our May box, you need to order by 30th April!

Inside our Magic Tea May box:


  • Blooming Tea: a feast for your eyes as well as taste buds
  • Butterfly Pea Tea: a healthy blue flower tea with a secret
  • Genmaicha: a toasty and unique green roasted rice tea
  • Tie Kuan Yin: it's the most popular Oolong for a reason!
  • FREE 3 Piece Infuser Glass worth £12





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@teapro\.co\.uk maybe you should ask about advertising rates on the site.

2019 L-R with hand turned Thuya burr handles and toggles / Monolith Titan Flat & Conical / HG-1 / Kalita wave / Stag kettle / OCD / Joey Skateboard Handle Pullman Big Step & matching stirrer / Wenge Handle Lev Tamp / Push Tamper / Puqpress / 15g & 18g vst / IMS 35μM / LDT / Barista Gear Titanium 12oz pitchers / LW Bean Cellars & Caddy / Decent thermometer / Acme Evo 150ml cups / Espazzola / Hottop / embroidered by me bar towels / in the cellars: Steampunk, North Star, Foundry, The Barn, HasBean, Coffee Compass / part-time LSOL participant / 6 gorgeous guineas / a dog / a very lovely husband / 


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One of the team will be in touch to discuss advertising

Home Barista Training - contact me to discuss your requirements

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