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Hi from Haywards Heath!

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Hey guys & gals


I accidentally posted this lot (below) in the New Members Section. Then saw something about introductions section. So copy/paste.



Im a 40something who got hit by the coffee bug hard joining the forum as Ive already used it for a number of helpful bits of info


A family member gave me their old espresso machine. Its entirely manual, pretty terrible and leaky, and has a non-lined aluminium heater block which I really dont want to use anymore since finding that out. That said, it enabled me to learn the very basics of making an espresso....


Dont laugh: Ive been using ground coffee from Sainsburys which is supposed to be used in a cafetiere. Ive been 'tamping' my espresso with the back of a teaspoon (as best I can). Because the grind is course, it goes from dark brown to blond in about 4 seconds....so Im sure this tastes pants compared to how it should. The milk arm is hilariously weak, but also very limited in angles and my frothing 'jug' is a cup. All that said, ive managed to make quite a few nice tasting lates, though the milk isnt textured - its just a pile of big bubbles sitting on top of some warm milk.


Today is my wifes birthday and we splurged (after I found out about the aluminium non lined heater block) out - buying each other birthday presents (im in April) as a justification for getting new shiny stuff. Hopefully I havent made any terrible selections, but here is what I just had arrive (its in the hall still in boxes):

Sage Duo Temp Pro - has a tamper and a steamer jug (yay)

Sage Dose Control Pro grinder

Sage knock bin and a tamping mat

1kg of Columbia - Kaizen Natural beans from JollyBeanRoastery who featured on the beans section of this forum.


Good luck to me. Ive everything to learn! Please dont make me regret my purchases too much - Im not going to spends thousands on kit when at the moment the junk coffee ive been making so far takes 'ok' lol. it has to be better with this kit and some practice. Right?



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Welcome :)


Off to a good start I see. No point in spending a wad of cash until you outgrow what you have, then you will see a difference. Spending tons when you haven't a clue is the worst thing you can do as many would think that they would get fantastic coffee and are disappointed when they're spitting their espressos in the sink and blaming the kit..

Input: 'Terranovered’ Versalab M3  + Niche

Output: Slayer One Group + La Pavoni + V60 + AeroPress + Syphon + Bialetti Induction Moka Pot + Bialetti Mucka Express + jar of instant for visitors..



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Thanks folks.


You are right in that I have no idea. And honestly, even the kit I have bought is probably well above my knowledge level and technique level - but Im a voracious reader and learner.


I have many questions...so...incoming!

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