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Best beans I’ve ever had........so far

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I might get slated for being a loony lefty or something with this but: I really don't like the art on the bags of Coffeelink. It feels like weird exotification of different cultures, and to boot it's pretty much always a silhouette of a woman. If it was a more 'normal' picture like a silhouette of a normal person (male or female) picking coffee or something, that'd be fine with me. As it is, it feels like sexualising and exotifying women of other cultures and I'm pretty uncomfortable with it.


I agree, and you’re right that it’s the exaggerated breasts and waist that are the problem, it’s an unpleasant, outdated caricature, nothing else. If people don’t have an issue with it, it’s possible (likely?) that they’ve been exposed to the over sexualisation of women for so long they don’t notice it anymore.

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Not sure this is the answer. Though I also think it would be worthwhile raising it directly with them. They're a family run business - I think I remember reading that on their site the other day - and might welcome this feedback?


I don't think I need to say more than I have on it - though I agree I don't think 'leave politics out' is the answer - coffee is inherently political as is any trade that relies mostly on less developed, often previously colonised countries :)


I will absolutely send them a message about it :) Thanks for the suggestion and support

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Greetings coffee lovers!


Firstly, a big thank you to all who buy our coffee and support us. It really means a lot. You support so many people in the long chain of the coffee journey.

We are a family business and a good example of how coffee does great things in binding us all together. We love our coffees and our women. The idea of the silhouettes on the bags was my wife's. I think it's a great and decent way to celebrate women. We never thought that the elegant silhouettes on our coffee bags will be viewed as enslaving or sexualising women. On the contrary, we always saw them as a way of celebrating women's contributions to our coffees and saying thank you. They are free working and dancing women. It really has nothing to do colonisation, although I can understand your comments and feelings.

Ethiopia has never been colonised anyway. Ethiopia is so diverse and beautiful as a country, it will leave you in awe when you consider the number of ethnicities, dress code or lack of, make up, wildlife and languages.

I have been to Ethiopia and have seen the many beautiful people,mainly women, who sort, wash, carry and bag the coffee cherries we take for granted. It was humbling being with them and seeing what they do for very little. We buy our coffee direct from Ethiopian farmers paying them above market prices. We support many 121 projects from different parts of the world. We look for and support women coffee projects because we know how vulnerable women can be in some producing countries. One of the reason I joined this forum was to interact with similar minded people who appreciate quality coffee and the love of coffee and be part of a community that drives the standards of coffee in general. This post is just to explain a few points rather to pick an argument with anyone and we sincerely believe no one should be offended.



kinesdt regards,


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