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What food do you think pairs best with coffee?

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Nice hot plate of Brussels Sprouts

Sorry to drag it back to dates but, the King Medjools came out of 'grocery quarantine' today so rewarded myself with one for spending all day digging. They're very good! Worth grabbing some if you're


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With a flat white from a light roast coffee in the morning... Rich Tea biscuits for me! 

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I can't combine black coffee (is it the correct term for any coffee without milk and sugar?) with any food since my coffee started coming out tasty (not just a black bitter liquid) 😭

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6 minutes ago, Opeth said:

I can't combine black coffee (is it the correct term for any coffee without milk and sugar?) with any food since my coffee started coming out tasty (not just a black bitter liquid) 😭

Read over this thread from the start and was so surprised that only one other person said they don't like to eat with coffee. I find that any food interferes with the taste.

For me it's the same with beer and wine as well - I like to keep things separate, and any food is just in the way. I need to take a few sips of the drink to get rid of the food and taste the drink again. I love beer, but on an empty stomach before (or instead of) a meal. With food I drink water. :-)     

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I have nothing with espresso, just coffee on its own. With milk drinks I do tend to eat my own produce, I always have some traybake, buns, kolace, pastry ready. I eat a lot even without coffee, but the milk doesn't sit right in my stomach unless I eat something with it. Milky coffee is just once a day thing for me, I mostly drink espresso.

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6 hours ago, Ivanox said:

Pasteis de natas 👌

But to be fair Nata's go with anything, anytime and indeed are excellent on their own or better still with more Nata's.........

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Cantucci, Biscotti or similar. Much as I love home made cookies and brownies, home made cantucci is better with coffee, less sweet.

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I like to have a cookie or a chocolate with my coffee, depending on where I am. If I am at home and it's the afternoon, I'll usually dip into my cupboard to see if I can find a chocolatey treat. In cafes, I like a cookie. I recently had a raspberry and white chocolate cookie at my local cafe which paired great with a flat white.

I don't always eat when I drink coffee. Usually I order a milky coffee when I am out and I don't need anything else.

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Chocolate Cannoli!
This, definitely for me.

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Absolutely nothing, I mean if I want to really enjoy a coffee I will drink it straight and saviour the moment.

I find myself doing this more and more often before facing the day at work which is sheer chaos for 10-12 hours since Feb.

On a side note if I'm in a decent coffee shop and being a bit indulgent then a nice brownie, one place (I forget where) had a selection of baklava and I did find this mix went really, and I mean really well with a flat white.

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Kit: Some coffee bashers for the beans and some water heater thingies for the brewing bit.

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